We have over 25 years of experience and around 10 000 implants placed. The advantage of the new and advanced basal compressive implants is that they can be used in virtually 100% of cases. With them you can use low remaining bones, to even anchor implants in these areas and adapt them to the anatomy of the patient. The basal implants contribute in treating patients who otherwise could not be treated, also in a minimum amount of time (7-10 days), without added surgery or bone regeneration. It is always convenient the replacement of teeth to prevent bone loss, moving pieces, improve chewing and prevent temporomandibular joint disorders.



Dental implants can be applied to very small amounts of bone without having to make sinus elevations or bone grafts.

Immediate implants placed at the time of removal or immediate load implant which areused as a root ofthe definitive prosthesisthat will be implanted after a week.

The joint problems are solved by placing it in the ideal position.

A good smile is not just a matter of aesthetics, it is also a sign of health. Frontline treatments referring to aesthetic veneers, composites, ceramics or micro invasive veneers. The use of fillers (hyaluronic) in orofacial wrinkles and advanced whitening techniques close our fields of action.

Save the original teeth is the main desire in our profession (“there is no better tooth implant than the original ones"). We have been using surgical microscopes for the past 20 years. Only when youhave and work withthem you could speak about minimally invasive surgery. All of this in order to raise the percentage of success in our medium and long termtreatments.

Align and place the teeth in the correct position not only to improve the aesthetic pattern of the patient also to achieve a correct functionality. Preventing dental skeletal deformities in patients who are still in growth and helping us to make an optimal oral rehabilitation.

We understand the importance of prevention and control of dental hygiene in our patients; that's why we consider it a basic premise in all our clinical treatments, stimulating its practise to our patients.