Sapphire transparent orthodontics Brackets that disguise with the colour of the teeth and allow virtually invisible orthodontics compatible with the daily lives of our adult patients.

Orthodontic aligners known as Orthodontics Invisalignthat are virtually invisible and allow the correct position of the teeth using invisible orthodontic treatment without dental Brackets, also allowing the patientsto remove it by themselveswithout having to go through a dental clinic.



Aesthetic dental treatments are becoming the most requested by patients due the fact they are much more concerned about oral aesthetics. Cosmetic dental treatments are the best option for ending these spots or dark teeth, stained by external elements.

Among the most popular cosmetic dentistry treatments required for our patients includes porcelain veneers and tooth whitening with the Beyondcon laser system, zirconium crowns without metal, which are highly aesthetic, reconstructions of aesthetic composites, ceramic inlays. The treatment listed above are just some of our wide range of dental techniques used in our dental clinics.

In Doc. Espadas Dental Clinic we have the latest advances in dental technology, which allows us to offer our patients personalized aesthetic treatments, taking into account the facial profile, age and the gender of the patient so you could feel comfortable with your new natural and attractive smile.



Dental crowns or covers are a total coating of the teeth that simulates the anatomy of a tooth. They are made of porcelain with a core of metal or zirconia to give more consistency and aesthetics


Zirconia is the most advanced and resistant material used in fixed prostheses without using metal. The aesthetic of ceramic which covers zirconium reach the aesthetic perfection of teeth restored.


Composite or porcelain veneers are used to rebuild a damaged smile with any alteration in the colour of the teeth, allowing the patient to have a perfect smileagain.
Is a simple treatment that does not require a complicated operation, and it is painless. The veneer can be described asa thin foil that covers the entire front face of the dent, adhering it. It is one of the most popular aesthetic dentistrytreatments, commonly used by actors.


Teeth whitening is a popular cosmetic dental techniques demanded by patients, because white teeth tend to improve our image in the face of others and to ourselves.

Teeth whitening done in clinic is the most effective and durable, theBeyond system procedure we use is done in 30 minutes. Being the best choice for fast and efficient whitening of teeth.

Beyond system uses a high-intensity cold light wave of 480 to 520 nm. The light is filtered by 12.000 fibresand 30 films of optical fibre to separate the UV and infrared rays. The half-hour process can oxidize 16 or more teeth and returns its original whiteness. The scale of VITA teeth improved from 5 to 14 points. This treatment is painless so you do not need anaesthesia.



There are several interventions of the gums and mucous with an aesthetic purposes. These are techniques that are not very aggressive and produce a big aesthetic changes.

Crown lengthening. It is done when you have short teeth and the smile shows a lot of gum. Involves the remodelling of bone cortexand the gum to expose more of the tooth crown.

Coating grafts. Some recessions (retraction) of the gum causes the exposure of the teeth root. This technique involves placing gum or conjunctive tissue covering this recession and teeth being covered again.

Volume increase grafts.When you lose a tooth, the bone that housed tends to disappear (reabsorbs) producing unsightly defects. With this technique we bring out some connective tissue from the palate and then place it in the area thinned, increasing the volume.




The revolutionary botulinum toxin is not just used to treat expression lines in the face an injection of botulinum toxin could be the solution to the problems of bruxism.
Muscle pain in bruxism patients. It is also appropriate to use when have to make bone-integrated implant loads and to help the patients to don’t do too much pressures with their muscles.

For patients with temporomandibular joint problems when they have hypermobility in the jaw, and are able to do a too wide opening but not being able to close it after. Also for gingival smiles with some tics or excessive sweating problems, and strabismus..

The gingival smile (puppet smiling) combined with increased lip and barcodes are the ideal complement to a perfect smile. The perfect smile not only depends on having white and well aligned teeth depends of the combination of the face, lips and cheeks.