Periodontics is the dental specialty dedicated to diseases of the gums and supporting tissues of the teeth.

Gingivitis. It is an infection below the gum, usually painless, which inflames the gums and makes them bleed easily. If left untreated can produce periodontitis.

Periodontitis.It is a disease that destroys the bone and the ligament that supports the teeth, causing teeth mobility and separation and if left untreated, their loss. Periodontal diseases can be prevented, or treated with great success, being able to keep the teeth throughout our lives.



What is an endodontic?

When caries have developed to the point of affecting the nerve causing an infection and removal is necessary, popular known as to kill the nerve, endodontics are the only option to preserve the teeth and their function once the pulp (nerve) has been damaged.

During endodontics all the affected nerveare removed, ducts are preparedand filled with a material that ensure efficiencysealing. Ducts are clogged with vertical hot condensation techniques, B System, improving the quality of the sealing and therefore the reliability of the treatment. In our clinic we have the most sophisticated techniques to carry out ducts treatments including surgery microscope.



CONSERVATIVE DENTISTRY is the specialty that allows us to heal and rebuild teeth decay or destroyed by the use of different materials listed for each restauration (known as a filling).
In strongly damaged teeth the priority is its restoration or filling and has to be performed an endodontic of teeth pieces (nerve treatment) to rebuild, giving an anatomical shape and strengthen tothe teeth affected by aggressivecaries.

To get the best aesthetic result, we analyse the patient's smile to archive the better improvements. This is achieved by teeth whitening techniques.



Oral hygiene in the dental clinic and at home. All dental treatments the patient made throughout his life would not have a high durability without good hygiene both made by a professional dentist or by himself every day.

The dental cleaning removes bacterial mouth plaque. Good hygiene is essential to maintain healthy teeth and gums, especially when we are carriers of prosthesis, implants or orthodontic treatment, so it is important to perform regular health and dental check-ups once a year.
Prophylaxis and oral hygiene education are essential to motivate our patients especially children to achieve and maintain a good habit to prevent the health of their gums.

In our clinics we teach a customized correct technique of brushing and routine dental care to acquire, so the patient can make a good oral hygiene at home every day between their visits to the dental clinic. Dental hygiene is recommended to be performed once a year, although in some cases it may be recommended to perform it every 6 months. This have to be determinated by the periodontist in the periodic monitoring visits. Dental hygiene is a treatment that don’t requires anaesthesia as a consequence of being painless but if the patient is very sensitive, dentist can perform the treatment under local anaesthesia in the most sensitive areas. Dental hygiene performed in clinics with ultrasonic wavesdon’t wear out the teeth, only removes the nastiness and the plaque accumulated on the teeth and gums. In patients with sensitivity to temperature changes may appear slight discomfort that would disappear within 7 days.