November 20 - 21 – Madrid (Spain)

On this curse we incorporate a new conference “The trip from conventional implantology to the basal”.
It was a real pleasure to share the conference with Doc. Idhe, Doc. Konstantin K. ,Doc. Alvarado and Jesus Martínez


October20 to 25 – Sochi (Russia)

From the 20th to the 25th of October in 2015 held in Sochi (Russia) took place one of the most important congress of the world regarding to immediate charge implantology. The annual congress of the IIF(International Implant Foundation).
IIF ( leads the immediate charge implantology technologies, basal implantology “BOI & BCS®” and monophasic implantology KOS®. Doc. Manuel Espadas, Doc. Miriam Espadas, Doc. Miguel Alvarado and Doc. Leopoldo Rebollo were the professionals chosen to represent the Spanish community of basal implantology.

In this conference we had the opportunity to learn through our guru Doc. Stefan Ihde and his main collaborators, the latest developments of the technique of basal implantology "STRATEGIC IMPLANTS®" which clarifies and simplifies the treatment protocols for immediate loading treatments.
The conference was really interesting, we obtained valuable information to keep improving our immediate load implant therapies and to advance the treatment of severe atrophy.
The event was attended by over 450 implantologists around the world, including native Spanish speakers (with doctors from Spain, Colombia and Cuba), which shows the unstoppable strength of basal implantology technique and the interest aroused.
We want to thank from here to the IF for their hospitality in Sochi.

Compressive and basal implantology course

20 of June – Madrid (Spain)

Dr. Manuel Espadas presented non-invasive surgery virtues even in atrophic jaws, with implants compressive KOS. Immediate loading and advanced techniques of fertilization with intra-oral welding, presentation of clinical cases and problem solving.


May 29-30 - Saragossa (Spain)

Among the facilities of Ei Foundation in Zaragoza, was held "VI Basal Implantology course.

On the morning of the first day Doc. Manuel Espadas, SIBASI president, presented the protocols of Basal Implantology and scientific evidence available. Later the participants were able to do some presentations.
In the afternoon we moved to the Quirón Clinic to perform two operations on patients. On the first one Doc. Miguel Alvarado and Mr. Jesus Martinez fully rehabilitated a patient arcades, a complex case with 18 trans gingival extractions and implant placement using the Kils-4D technique, after that surgery Doc. Felipe Fernandez rehabilitate a patient with the new Micro KOS implants, placing fifth trans gingival implants and the provisional prosthetics.


Monophasic implants seminar

5 April 2014 - Santiago de Compostela (Spain)

Again we return to Galicia after the successful course we made last year in Vigo. This time we go to the city of Santiago de Compostela which allowed us to show the excellence of the KOS implant system. Doc. Manuel Espadas during the day was able to teach systematic work with KOS from the SILVA KOS surgery technique with bio-moulds and guides, to implants a splint using a bar welded made of titanium, which greatly surprised attendees by its management and benefits both monophasic implants as biphasic pillars. The patient of the year prior that was operated on the maxilla, happy with the minimally invasive treatment and results required a new KOS implant treatment, but this time in the lower jaw. Ninth KOS implants were placed without opening flap, simply and with maximum biological respect. Doctors were able to see and learn about the different techniques of the system; combining KOS and KOS B implants (can be double) and cemented pillars to achieve parallelism in the mouth and a perfect fit of the prosthesis. We want to thank and share the success of this course to everyone who made it possible; Doc. Alvaro Bastida a prestigious professional in Vigo, who contributed with his invaluable collaboration before and during the seminar and to our guide Doc. Manuel Espadas. The excellent professional of BARCIA Dental Clinic in Milladoiro, with its modern facilities that allowed the organization of the event to be excellent. Also to our distributor in Galicia Prysma who coordinated the whole event with great professionalism.

Queremos agradecemos y compartir el éxito de este curso con todas las personas que lo han hecho posible; el Dr. Alvaro Bastida profesional de reconocido prestigio en Vigo, que aportó su inestimable colaboración previa y durante el curso a nuestro dictante el Dr. Manuel Espadas. A los excelentes profesionales de Clínica Dental BARCIA en Milladoiro, que con sus modernas instalaciones permitió que la organización del evento fuera excelente. También a nuestro distribuidor en Galicia PRYSMA que coordinó todo el evento con gran profesionalidad.


May 30 and February 31 2014 - ZARAGOZA (Spain)

On 30th and 31th of May took place in the infrastructures of Ei Foundation in Zaragoza, the VI Basal Implantology course. During the morning of the first day Doc. Manuel Espadas, SIBASI president, presented the protocols of Basal Implantology and their scientific evidence. Later the participants were able to do some presentations.

In the afternoon we moved to the Quirón Clinic to perform two operations on patients. On the first one Doc. Miguel Alvarado and Mr. Jesus Martinez fully rehabilitated a patient arcades, a complex case with 18 trans gingival extractions and implant placement using the Kils-4D technique, after that surgery Doc. Felipe Fernandez rehabilitate a patient with the new Micro KOS implants, placing fifth trans gingival implants and the provisional prosthetics.


31 January - 1 February 2014 ZARAGOZA (Spain)

On 31 January and 1 February 2014, took place at the infrastructures of Ei Foundation in Zaragoza, the second meeting of the BASAL IMPLANTOLOGY LATIN AMERICAN SOCIETY (SIBASI). The First Meeting of the society was basically focused on the foundation and philosophical ideas that support it. In this second meeting all fields of work were analysed and was appointed the executive committee of SIBASI and their functions. The architecture and content of the web to bring together all the duties of society were also performed. In a later meetings the working groups formed would present and inform about the organization’s development objectives fixed.


Immediate load with KOS implantology seminar

27 May 2013 - Murcia (Spain)

On 25 May Imbiodent organized a new theoretical and practical seminar about immediate loading system with monophasic KOS implants. The course was taught by Doc. Manuel Espadas professor of the UB and held in Espinardo Clinic, Murcia. The seminar was attended by 20 professionals who were able to see the excellence of a system that simplifies the surgical technique and increases the welfare of the patient. In the theoretical part were presented the protocols of monophasic KOS implant with immediate loading system and intraoral electro welding technique, also called splinting with titanium. In the surgery practice Doc. Manuel Espadas accompanied by Doc. Lorenzo Romera a renowned implantologist of Murcia and a reference of Imbiodent in monophasic KOS implantology and electro welding, operated two patients who get placed nine and four trans gingival implants respectively with the KOS system in the upper jaw, showing the advantages of the system. As a minimally invasive treatment, biological saving for patient is spectacular: not suffer of postoperative edema or swelling ... etc. With intraoral electro welding primary stability is achieved till the secondary is reached, making this type of treatment very predictable even in very complex cases. From Imbiodent we want to thank all the participant doctors and especially for their professionalism to Doc. Lorenzo Romera and Doc. Manuel Espadas and to our distributor in Murcia DENTALVIP for their magnificent work which make the event a success.


22 February 2013 San Sebastian (Spain)

On 22 February 2013 took place the founding of the SIBASI at London hotel located in the beautiful city of San Sebastian. The anxiety and the search for improved treatments has led a group of highly qualified professionals to create this society for the development of techniques with immediate load basal and monophasic implants in Ibero-america. With the support of implantology companies; Imbiodent, Ihde Dental and International Implant Foundation, these professionals have completed a training composed of 4 theoretical and practical modules in different countries. These professionals pioneers allowed patients access to rehabilitative treatment with immediate loading fixed prosthesis being minimally invasive, with no increases or bone grafts, even in patients with high bone resorption. In the meeting the professionals establish the foundations and philosophy for the development of the new society, statutes, training, scientific protocols, web… That will support itself in the development of basal implantology in Ibero-america.


Imbiodent en colaboración con el congreso Secib Zaragoza 2011 organizó un curso intracongreso teórico-práctico sobre implantes basales. La implantología basal es una ramaminoritaria en la implantología dental surgida de un grupo de pioneros hace ya más de 20años, que une los conceptos de la implantología ortopédica-traumatológica y laimplantología dental, consiguiendo mediante el anclaje cortical de estos implantes en el hueso basal (nativo en cualquier paciente) rehabilitar casi el cien por cien de los pacientes sin realizar injertos o elevaciones de seno y realizando carga inmediata.

El Dr. Stefan Ihde desarrolla con éxito desde hace más de diez años esta técnica y sus dispositivos de los que tiene numerosas patentes.
Hoy en el 2011 estamos orgullosos de volver a ser pioneros introduciendo en España la implantología basal. Sabemos las mejoras que aporta, llevando la implantología a su máxima expresión.

Imbiodent in collaboration with the Congress SECIB Zaragoza 2011 organized a theoretical and practical course about basal implants during the meeting. Basal implantology is a slight branch of dental implantology promoted by a group of pioneers for over 20 years, linking the concepts of trauma-orthopaedic implants and dental implantology, achieved by cortical anchoring of these implants in the basal bone (native in any patient) rehabilitating almost one hundred percent of patients without making grafts or elevations and realizing immediate loading. Doc. Stefan Ihde has been developing successfully, for over ten years, this treatment and its technical devices which has numerous patents. Today in 2011 we are proud to again be introducing pioneering basal implantology in Spain. We know the improvements it brings, leading the implant to its best. The course consisted of a theoretical part in which was explained the basics of this technique. Bio-moulds of the upper and lower arch of patients were shown through the information obtained from CT and manufactured by the company Perdentex. Later there was a surgery in the modern theater of MAZ, where Doc. Stefan Ihde placed basal implants to rehabilitate both jaws, in collaboration with Doc. Juan Jesús Pérez-García, Doc. Miguel Alvarado and Doc. Alfonso Arellano in an operation that lasted two hours and was broadcast by a videoconference provided by Telefónica, finally ended the course with further explanations and details of this practical demonstration.

The next afternoon in Quirón Clinic a patients get placed a definitive dental prosthesis made of a metal-resin material by two dental technicians, Messrs. Jose Antonio Martinez and Jesus Bescós. Demonstrating the effectiveness of this technique which allows the successfully rehabilitation of a patient in two days instead of conventional implant which could carry up to 18 months. Amazing.

Doc. Stefan Ihde during his presentation "No more sin lifts" at the Mozart Hall of the Auditorium of Zaragoza. The patient got placed eight basal implants in the upper jaw and the in the lower jaw as well, postoperative appearance the following day and cementing the metal-resin prosthesis. We want to thank for the help given to all the companies and people who made possible with their professionalism and expertise the performance of this event.


Imbiodent organized in collaboration with the Implant Foundation (IF) the third Basal Implantology course in Spanish. The course was taught by Doc. Stefan Ihde. The course was both theoretical and practical. Doc. Stefan Ihde operated a patient the 30th and reviewed all surgical technique, especially in cases where the tooth have a height of 3-4 mm. The 31th the patient was restored and the Prosthodontics keys were reviewed. These three courses have been training highly experienced implantologists, who are licensed as the first class of Spanish basal implantologists and who will be the pioneers of these techniques in the Iberian-Latin America. After this great effort in Imbiodent we can only be proud to bring these techniques to the Ibero-america world, with the conviction that help improve the quality of humanity life with these minimally invasive treatments with immediate load fixed prosthesis without grafts or bone increases. Making treatments much faster, cheaper and therefore more accessible to patients.


Imbiodent organized in collaboration with the International Implant Foundation (IF) and the Ibero-america Society of basal implantology (SIBASI) the IV Basal Implantology course in Spanish at Osteoplac Clinic in San Sebastian. The course was taught by Doc. Manuel Espadas.

Patient after surgery. With the temporary prosthesis already cemented. Overview of control.

In the theoretical part was presented the history of basal implants and their scientific evidence, as well as the concepts in which this technique is based and mouth splinting with electro welding. Later a patient with periodontal disease in the maxilla was operated, the patient is a smoker of 2-3 packs a day, all the pieces were extracted and 10 implants were placed, which were splinted with electro welding technique in the mouth and was restored with a temporary resin prosthesis.

View of the conference. Mr. Fidel Fernández Imbiodent CEO delivering to

Doc. Espadas the new book of immediate load wrote by Doc. Stefan Ihde in gratitude for his job.

Group photo of the participants.


Imbiodent organized a new theoretical and practical course about immediate load basal implantology. The course was taught by Doc. Stefan Ihde and Doc. Vivek Gaur from the clinic part and Katerina Markova during prosthetic course held simultaneously. The course was coordinated by Doc. Manuel Espadas, celebrated in the facilities of COEC in Barcelona and was attended by over 50 professionals.

             Pre-operational panoramic radiography 


    Postoperativa panoramic radiography 

In the theoretical part the surgical and prosthetic protocols of basal implantology were presented. The Doc. Ihde displayed all devices developed, which make the technique of basal implantology simple and predictable. In the clinical part the case was really special, they operate both atrophic maxilla in a patient that with conventional techniques would had need few separate elevations or grafts (in both jaws). The operation lasted 90 minutes and 18 implants were placed (10 in the upper jaw and eight in the lower), being only necessary to open the flap to place both implants, making just two stitches. In the prosthetic part Miss. Katerina Markova, made overnight a course for seven Spanish prosthetics that collaborate with basal implantologists, where the patient implants were made. Following the clinic part at night, off course metal testing was performed and early the next day the teeth ones.

During the operation of the coffee-break aspect Conference.


Keeping on the 22th with a course where you were able to ask any questions and with an explication of the differences surgical protocols and prosthodontics. Later they placed the metal-resin fixed prostheses to the patient with a satisfactory result, thus concluding the event. The course objectives were archived: Introduce the techniques of immediate load with basal implants to improve the life quality of patients, rehabilitating them with fixed prosthesis even those with high bone reabsorption, a minimal invasive treatment.

As a minimally invasive treatment, biological saving for patient is spectacular: not suffer of postoperative edema or swelling… and is restored with definitive fixed prosthesis technique in three days. The course was supported by the International Implant Foundation (IF) and the Ibero-America Society of Basal Implantology (SIBASI).

We want to thank to attend the event to all doctors and prosthetic participants and the whole team of the organization, all those companies and institutions that have collaborated in the event with professionalism that made this course a success.