Technological innovations in dentistry involve enhanced solutions to common problems of oral health. The trend in dentistry is to use increasingly innovative and effective technologies specifically designed to help treatments to obtain better results in a shorter period of time and so be less annoying for patients. Let’s see the latest technology that have come to modern dentistry.


In recent years there have been great advances in dentistry. One of them was the introduction of the surgical microscope, making structures that used to be too little or no visible to the human eye can be treated with greater ease and safety.
There are several reasons because, at least, in Spain the surgical operating microscope is not considered an essential tool for the dental practice. First of all, the main reason why a professional or clinic does not have a surgical microscope is the cost and difficulty of training for its use (people need from 6 months to 1 year to master it).
It is an instrument that does not generate economic returns but improves the quality of treatments and diagnostic capacity.
Only the professionals who are concerned to bring greater quality in their treatments rely on their daily clinical use. That’s why we have an experience in dental and surgical treatments for 20 years. Being pioneers in their use in all areas of dentistry having two teams in our clinics.

Our main axiom is: you can not treat well what you are not able to see.



We have one of the best teeth whitening systems in the market.

The BEYOND System.


It is a technique that involves intraoral electro welding and allows the union and thesplintingof the dental implants at once. We managed to perform immediate load implants, without long waiting times, and so the patient leaves our surgerythe same day with a temporary prosthesis fixed.

Diode-laser “soprano” for permanent hair remove

Our clinics incorporate a Laser Diode (SOPRANO). Painless laser hair removal system that incorporates a module for stretching and tightening the skin, which allows the hair remove even in summer. Facial and body painless hair removal for our patients, together with dermo-cosmetic treatments (Hyaluronic grafts, Botox, peeling ...).
Having this laser allow to complete the treatments with the maximum effectivity regarding to permanent depilation that we will be adding to our promotions.


Piezosurgery ® Medical for Mectronis an ultrasonic surgical system designed specifically for: osteotomy, osteoplasties,with a variety of surgical applications. The ultrasonic micro-vibrations of the device Piezosurgery ® have been developed specifically for cutting bone tissue while minimizing trauma to the soft EU TISS.
This micrometric cutting action provides surgical precision and sensitivity during the surgery, while the selective cutting action maximizes safety for you and your patients. All of this is possible while it operates with high visibility and intraoperative bloodless surgery.


It is a radiological device that provides 3D images with great accuracy and dimensional precision. Currently being essential and mandatory need to carry any oral and/or implant surgery. With a minimal radiation to the patient, we can diagnose and develop individual treatment plans with high precision for our patients.
Also due to our long experience with them, we can make Dicom files provided by the CT scan, a transformation into STL files and print them in 3D stereolithographic images of the maxilla and/or mandible of the patient. Developing surgical splint guide, the provisional and final prosthesis in some cases before the placement of implants.

This allows us to perform the extractions of unfeasible parts of our patients in a single session, the placement ofsuitable dental implants and the performance of a fixed immediate prosthesis (CAD-CAM). Our patients regain their chewer functionality and aesthetics immediately. 3D CT scan is an essential and indispensable device that must be in every dental clinic as we do.