International School of implants



Our values and intentions

The purpose of the IE Foundation (Escola d’implants or in English College of implants) is to defend the general interest in dentistry and dental implantology in particular through the development of postgraduate courses that can help future professionals in their training, to provide and make the best available treatment options for their patients, encouraging and creating the means to perform and promote dental care to the people at risk of exclusion for physical, social or culturalreasons. In the development of this philanthropictraining, EI Foundation attach themselves to humanistic values and philosophical principles of freedom of teaching and learning.

These courses are the next evolutionary step in the formation of dental graduates and postgraduates, where subjects are focused with some freedom, looking for balance between theoretical knowledge and its consequent realization of simulated and real practices, amplifying the talent and developing ideas that enhance the knowledge and skills to make students more qualified for any clinical situation.

Under these premises, a multidisciplinary dentistry in constantly evolution, increasingly specialized and getting more technical, we have planned a series of innovating and coherent courses based on the experience to archive a more transversal and deeper formation of the professional, with a completed program that allow them to work andstudy, saving money and time while the professional keep training themselves. To achieve the set objective, empirically dominate their profession as soon as possible, to provide the necessary time in their lives to develop their skills and to improve existing treatments as demand for personal competence and society ones. To archive this goal, our objective is to provide a quality education at a balanced price while finding the better forms for funding.

The vocation of the EI Foundation is to create an international environment, creating an entrepreneurial communityand the interests to serve as a meeting point for people with a passion for teaching and join them with passionate professionals to learn, for sharing experiences, personal and professionals values with entrepreneurship that go beyond existing concepts, promoting the exchange of knowledge and creativity to overcome the existing challenges.

EI Foundation is ruled by the will of its founders, its statutes and by law.

 The patronage of the EI FOUNDATION